A step-by-step guide to applying for a Studentkort

This guide explains how to apply for a Studentkort!

  1. Press the button “Get started with Studentkortet” to begin your application.

  2. Fill in your full Swedish Personal Identity Number and then press the button “Next step”.

  3. Begin by choosing your school, press the arrow to the right to see a list of available schools. You can learn more about our partnerships with certain Student Unions and if this is relevant for your application

    Please fill in all necessary information within your application and check to see that no box has been left blank. Each box should become green before you submit your application.

    Your chosen password should be at least 6 characters long.

    When you have read and accepted Studentkortet’s terms and conditions you can continue your application by clicking the button “Continue”.


  1. If you are not receiving student aid from CSN then you will be asked to upload a certificate that verifies your studies for that school term. Please read the criterias for study certificates before you upload yours. Press the button “Scroll” to search for the right file on your computer, choose your study certificate and upload it to your application by pressing “Send certificate”. If you are currently enrolled at more than one school then we suggest that you upload two study certificates so that we can see your total amount of credits for the school term.


  1. Good job! When this informational box appears then your application has been successfully submitted to us. You will receive more information regarding your Studentkort by email within 1-3 working days.
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