New travel logo

A new partnership with Sweden's Travel System has allowed several more travel businesses to offer student discounts. The following travel businesses offer student discounts to those who can show a valid Studentkort with this logotype: 


Travel businesses that offer student discounts are:

  • Blekingetrafiken
  • Jönköpings Länstrafik
  • Skånetrafiken
  • Västtrafik
  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Hallandstrafiken
  • Kalmar Länstrafik
  • Länstrafiken Kronoberg
  • Öresundståg
  • Dalatrafik
  • X-trafik



The criteria to receive travel discounts when studying are:

  • Your studies are entitled to student aid with CSN.
  • You have a study tempo of at least 50% (15 hp) during 10 consecutive weeks during the relevant school term.
  • You have have a Student Card with a travel logo in your app.

Please note that other criterias apply to be eligible for travel discounts with SL. You can read more about travel discounts with SL Here (Fill link). 



Some educational courses that are entitled to student aid with CSN are not entitled to travel discounts. Examples of such programs are commissioned courses, primary school and secondary school. 







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