Travel discounts with SL


To receive student discount when travelling with SL you must have an SL logo on the bottom left-hand corner of your Studentkort. If you have the logo on your card you may choose the option "Student" when buying tickets with SL, and thereby saving money on your travels.

To verify your student discount to a travel inspector, you must be able to show your valid Studentkort and a valid Identity card (ID). 

Studenkortet and SL do not take responsibility for lost cards, if your card is no longer valid or if you have used the travel discount without having the logos on your card.


To receive the SL logo on your Studentkort your studies must fullfill certain criterias, which must be verified through CSN or a study certificate.

The criterias to get the SL-logo on your card is that you as a student during the actual semester:

  • Have a study tempo of 75% or more, on a CSN-approved education, during at least 13 weeks.


If you are under 20 years of age you can choose to travel with a youth ticket to receive reduced prices with SL. For students at secondary school level, the discount is valid even if your Studentkort has no SL travel logo.


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