How do I pay my student union membership fee?

The payment slip that you receive is sent directly from your student union. This payment is in regards to your membership at that student union and is not a payment to Studentkortet. If you have become a member at a Student union and have not yet received your payment slip for the relevant school term then we ask you to contact your student union directly.


You will find contact information for your student union below

Högskolan väst

Kungliga Musikhögskolan


Lunds universitet

Mittuniversitetet - Härnösand - Sundsvall

Mälardalens högskola

Stockholms universitet - DISK - Socialhögskolan - SUS

Enskilda Högskolan

Umeå universitet - Umeå studentkår - NTK (If you study medicine you should apply through our website)



Is your school not included? This could be because we do not have a partnership with your school. You can read more about how to apply for your Studentkort Here.

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